Smart-Sanitärelektronik spart Wasser

Veröffentlicht 07.03.2019

Wasser sparende Armaturen, Toiletten, Urinale oder Duschen beginnen, sich neben den öffentlichen Räumen auch in üblichen Haushalten einzuwohnen. Hand in Hand mit der Beschaffung solcher Ausstattung… (Veröffentlicht).

New ad videos

Veröffentlicht 04.10.2018

Dear customer, we introduce you our new advertising videos. You can find them all on our YouTube channel: New ad video 01 New ad video 02 New ad video 03 New ad video 04 (Veröffentlicht).

Automatic wall-mounted stainless steel washbasin tap for cold or premixed water SLU 43

Veröffentlicht 01.10.2018

Dear customers, We hope you had great holidays, just like us. While you were resting we worked on some new interesting products. Let me introduce our new product, the stainless steel wall mounted… (Veröffentlicht).

Automatic wall-mounted tap SLU 44PP

Veröffentlicht 03.07.2018

Dear customer, As holiday´s novelty, we prepared for you new highly vandal resistant wall mounted tap SLU 44PP. This tap has two Piezo buttons, one destined for premixed water (hands washing) and… (Veröffentlicht).

Automatic stainless steel washbasin taps SLU 91N, 92N, 93N

Veröffentlicht 29.03.2018

Dear customers, Let us introduce our new series of all-stainless steel sensor taps SLU 91N, 92N and 93N. The outstanding features of these taps are:  High mechanical resistance, because of… (Veröffentlicht).

Stainless steel KEG urinal with Infra-Red flushing and KEG the washbasin

Veröffentlicht 16.02.2018

We, in the Czech Republic we are known for our love for beer. In accordance with this tradition, we want to present you a product which is very close to our beer tradition. Our designers decided to… (Veröffentlicht).

Vandal-proof stainless steel multifunctional washbasin, front mounting SLUN 70P

Veröffentlicht 05.01.2018

Dear customers, We´re glad to present you our new multifunctional unit SLUN 70P for recessed wall installation. With this product, we extend already existing multifunctional unit SLUN 70H for… (Veröffentlicht).

New design automatic washbasin mixers

Veröffentlicht 23.11.2017

Dear customers, we prepared for you rich offer of design sensor taps. With our new collection, we´ll satisfy even the most demanding customers. And as usual, by all these new products we keep high… (Veröffentlicht).

Stainless steel accessories SLZN 09, SLZN 57/57X, SLZN 67

Veröffentlicht 05.10.2017

Dear customers, by stainless steel accessories SLZN 09…n_slzn09.pdf, SLZN 57, 57X…n_slzn57.pdf and SLZN 67…n_slzn67.pdf we widen… (Veröffentlicht).

Newly upgraded toilet seats SLZN 31C and 31D

Veröffentlicht 04.08.2017

Dear customers, we were compelled to change and upgrade the toilet seat SLZN 31. We are bringing you new upgraded version of this seat in two types. The SLZN 31C is suitable for toilets SLWN 05, 09… (Veröffentlicht).

New power supplies with higher performance

Veröffentlicht 04.07.2017

Dear customers, from Jully 2017 (production number 08/17 and higher) we start to supply a new upgraded version of our high-quality power supplies SLZ 01Y and SLZ 01Z. Thanks to this upgrade we… (Veröffentlicht).

Animated instructional video SLP 19RB

Veröffentlicht 28.03.2017

Dear customers, We finished the series of animated instructional videos for Radar systems with this last animation, the installation of the battery version of Radar flusher for Golem urinal SLP… (Veröffentlicht).

Automatic washbasin taps SLU 03D, SLU 10

Veröffentlicht 16.02.2017

Dear customers, By kitchen sink taps SLU 03D and SLU 10 we changed the design and dimensions of the tap body. The single data sheets you can download here:…lu03d_eu.pdf … (Veröffentlicht).

Deodorising urinal screens

Veröffentlicht 06.01.2017

Dear customers, As first novelty for this year we introduce high quality Plastic Deodorising Urinal Screens. We supply them in four different colours and aromas. For more details check the Data… (Veröffentlicht).

Animated instructional video SLP 19RZ

Veröffentlicht 12.12.2016

Dear customers, We widen the collection of animated instructional videos with new one, how to install the Radar flushing unit 230V AC, SLP 19RZ. Watch here:… (Veröffentlicht).

Animated instructional video SLU 01N

Veröffentlicht 10.10.2016

Dear customers, Our technicians prepared for you another animated instructional video, now is it installation of sensor washbasin tap SLU 01N.… (Veröffentlicht).

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