Externer Transformator 230V AC / 24V DC


  • external power supplies are destined only for a supply of automatic sanitary electronics´ products SANELA (with the exception of battery operated products and products with an integrated power supply)
Auftragsnummer 05012
Code SLZ 01Y


SLZ 01Y - supply No. 05012 - external power supply 230/24V DC

technische Information

Dimensions: cca 140 x 100 x 60 mm
Input voltage: 230V AC/50Hz
Output voltage: stabilized 24V DC
IP code: IP 55
Automatic washbasin taps and shower controls supply: 5 valves max.
Automatic urinal flushing units supply: 5 valves max.
Automatic toilet flushing unit supply: 5 valves max.
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