Automatischer Händetrockner mit Edelstahlgehäuse, gebürstet, mit Druckknopf


  • electrical wall mounted hand dryers
  • SLO 02E - automatic - air is flowing as long as hands are in the active range
  • stainless steel brushed cover, thickness 2 mm
  • revolving chromed air outlet, that enable face or hair drying


Auftragsnummer 79024
Code SLO 02E


SLO 02E - supply No. 79024 - automatic wall mounted hand dryer with stainless steel brushed cover

technische Information

Dimensions: 248 x 284 x 202 mm
Operating voltage: 230V/50 Hz
Air flow: 100 km/ h
Protection: class I, IPXXB
Weight: 7 kg
Volume: < 80 dB
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