SLZ 03

Umschalt – Transformator 230V AC / 24V DC


  • external power supplies are destined only for a supply of automatic sanitary electronics´ products SANELA (with the exception of battery operated products and products with an integrated power supply)
  • external switched power supply SLZ 03 is specially destined only for automatic washbasin taps and shower controls supply, but it is possible to use it also for urinals and toilet flushing units
Auftragsnummer 05030
Code SLZ 03


SLZ 03 - supply No. 05030 - external switched power supply 230/24V DC

technische Information

Dimensions: cca 170 x 130 x 85 mm
Input voltage: 230V AC/50Hz
Output voltage: stabilized 24V DC
IP code: IP 55
Automatic washbasin taps and shower controls supply: 9 valves max.
Automatic urinal flushing units supply: 9 valves max.
Automatic toilet flushing unit supply: 9 valves max.
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